Everyday Clinical Care for the LGBTQIA Family (4.3 L-CERPs & 4.3 contact hours)


Gain self-awareness about ways to respect a person’s sexual orientation/gender identity/gender expression within the context of everyday clinical care. Earn 4.3 L-CERPs and 4.3 contact hours. Expires one year from date of purchase.

“LGBTQIA” encompasses a range of human gender identities people may have, and it refers collectively to persons who do not identify with the gender assigned to them at birth, or whose sexual orientation is other than heterosexual.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 29% of those identifying as LGBT[IA] are raising children.[1] As healthcare professionals, it’s our responsibility to be respectful, and well-versed in working with all kinds of families to address their specific needs, including LGBTQIA families.

In this course, you will begin to become aware of how your attitude, your language, and even your clinical environment can undermine rather than empower parents; how “othering” can creep into your messages; recognize how issues such as continuity of care and consent and body autonomy impact care.

Expiration Date:
This program expires 12 months from the date of purchase. Program expiration dates can be extended at the discretion of MarieBiancuzzo.com or Breastfeeding Outlook.

Continuing Education Credits Included:

  • 4.3 L-CERPs
  • 4.3 contact hours

CERPs for topic areas of the IBCLC Detailed Content Outline:

  • 4.3 in Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology

Goals & Objectives


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