Health Sciences Continuing Education Package


Provides 5 of the 6 health sciences continuing education courses required to sit for the IBCLC exam.

If you are not a licensed health care provider, you are required to complete several health sciences courses to sit for the IBCLC exam. Some of these courses must be completed at a college but 6 of them may be obtained via continuing education providers. This package covers 5 of those 6 courses, leaving only Basic Life Support for you to complete locally.


  • Medical Terminology (2.9 R-CERPs)
  • Introduction to Documentation in Healthcare (1.9 R-CERPs)
  • Introduction to Infection Control Principles for the Lactation Consultant (1.4 R-CERPs)
  • Rudiments of Ethical Considerations in Healthcare (3.7 E-CERPs & 3.7 contact hours)
  • Occupational Safety in the Workplace (1.5 R-CERPs)

For specifics on exam requirements, please refer to the IBLCE’s document, Health Sciences Education Guide.

Expiration Date:
This program expires 12 months from the date of purchase. Program expiration dates can be extended at the discretion of or Breastfeeding Outlook.

Continuing Education Credits Included:

  • 7.7 R-CERPs
  • 3.7 E-CERPs
  • 3.7 contact hours

CERPs for topic areas of the IBCLC Detailed Content Outline:

  • 3.7 in Clinical Skills

Goals & Objectives

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