Marie Biancuzzo’s Prestige 95-Hour Lactation Education Course Package Unit 1


UNIT 1 of our Prestige 95-hour Lactation Education Pkg. Includes 95 hrs of required lactation education, a study plan, 50 extra test questions, How to Pass the IBLCE Exam (PDF) and 25% Off our Exam Review Course. Additional textbook required.

UNIT 1 of our Prestige 95-Hour Lactation Education Package (There are 5 units total).


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Expiration Date:
This program expires 18 months from the date of the purchase of UNIT 1. Program expiration dates can be extended at the discretion of or Breastfeeding Outlook.

Continuing Education Credits Included:

This unit is part of the 95-Hour Lactation Education Course. Credits will be given when the full course is complete. No partial credit will be given.

Goals & Objectives

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This course requires you to have access to Counseling the Nursing Mother 7th edition. At present, this text is NOT included in the purchase of the course.

You may purchase the 7th edition book from JB Learning with our coupon code and save 40% off the regular price. Click on the link below and use coupon code: MB2023. This coupon code expires 12/31/24.

JB Learning 7th edition Counseling the Nursing Mother

You may also purchase the text via our Amazon Affiliate Link below:

Counseling the Nursing Mother 7th edition

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